That Love Thing


It’s Valentine’s day, which some people would argue is a completely manufactured, and therefore a completely meaningless day. However, if Cupid’s special day was so meaningless, would it sweep up millions of people in a wave of ultimate expressions of love, and inspire elaborate marriage proposals? It certainly seems peculiar that in the vast majority of cases, or at least the ones I have come across, Valentine naysayers are either bitterly single, or partnered up, but have had such a rotten string of Valentine’s Day celebrations that they have given up any hope of having a lovely day with the object of their affections.

It’s pretty obvious how the obnoxious heart motifs and pressure to purchase roses and jewelry (especially a carbon-based bauble for a lady’s left ring finger) have sullied the perception of this day of love. The fine dining industry is probably the most conspicuous and appalling of all, because it never fails to mark up menu items to ridiculous prices, packaged in tricky “Prix Fixe” menus which sound delightful and romantic until the hefty bill comes to the table.

However, despite the fact that Valentine’s Day is hyped and commercialized, it remains a great reminder of how important expressions of love are to the human race. So even if you hate the idea of heart shaped chocolates, long-stemmed roses, and cute little teddy bears, try to remember that it is a day of love. Don’t write off the entire day and risk hurting the feelings of someone you truly love.

One thought on “That Love Thing

  1. Hello Dr. Naito, First, I have been single-again for five years and don’t have anyone in my life right now. However, I am not bitter or a naysayer of Valentine’s Day. My ex-wife replaced me with what ended up being a short-term relationship, but I still dream and hope that there is someone special out there for me for future celebrations. I think Valentine’s Day was created to help those who struggle with imagination on how to express to their special someone (which just happens to make a lot of money for many industries) how much they love and care for them. I believe everyday should be a Valentine’s Day for the one you love at various levels. Your actions alone should show her that you Love her. You should send flowers to her at work just because you are thinking of her and maybe it includes a card to meet you somewhere for a candle light dinner. Maybe have a casual, candle light “pizza” dinner waiting for her when she gets home and afterwards a hot bath with candles and her favorite music just for her. I think a man should know things that makes his woman happy like her favorite flowers, foods, colors, smells, music, etc. and then look at these things like a puzzle. Then, he can take each of these “pieces” and put them together to create a special day, night or event for the woman he loves. Overall, it should appeal to as many of her senses as possible. I have discovered that most of the men and women I have known struggle to be creative in making those special moments of expressing their Love and end up defaulting to waiting for Valentine’s Day to buy a bottle of wine and a box of chocolates. This “buys” them one year with their loved one! I’ve enjoyed ready much of your blog and the varied topics! JJ


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