Temper Tantrums


Temper tantrums are usually connected to defiant toddlers who haven’t yet learned to apply a filter to their frustrations, so they let their emotions fly unbridled. Yet 2016 was earmarked as a year in which adults chose to drop their filters and act like complete idiots once the presidential election ended. Before I continue, let me just say that it doesn’t matter HOW I feel about the election results, and as a result I will not share my personal political views. This is merely an observation on how truly STUPID people became during and after the presidential election.

Suddenly, all common sense dissolved, people who were dissatisfied with the election results became pouty and petulant, and a few lesser evolved specimens chose to obstruct the freedoms of other citizens through protests. For example, a group of individuals in Los Angeles chose to block traffic on a major freeway.

In addition to the rash of temper tantrums which people were throwing, other individuals claimed emotional scarring and demanded special treatment as a result. Students at a prominent university were allowed to postpone their final exams if they claimed to be distraught by the election results. During the days I was in school, only a dire personal emergency would excuse a student from taking a final exam on the scheduled day.

The active emnity towards Donald Trump has resulted in increased security measures at the Trump Tower, and because Trump refuses to take up residence at the White House, such security measures promise to make NYC traffic unbearable for as long as he is in office and living in his own building.

I seriously doubt that Americans will grow up and see how childish their behavior has become.

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