Love At First Sight…With A Galaxy Note 7


I purchased a Galaxy Note 7 in August because my HTC One was in its final days, and I had to replace it. While at the kiosk looking at phones, I was persuaded by the salesman to purchase a Note 7 because he believed it was the very best phone available, and that it would best handle my social media and business requirements nicely. Upon his suggestion, I ordered a Galaxy Note 7, which I received on August 12th.

Though the Note 7 was larger than any other cell phone I had ever had, it was love at first sight for me. The operating system, the screen size, the slim profile, the stylus functions, and all the other fun features made my heart sing. And that iris scanner? Pure genius. I happily and quickly got to know my Note 7, equipped it with a cool case and screen protector, and babied it, wiping it down daily with a soft cloth. It was like finding the perfect man.

I then got an alarming email from Samsung on September 2nd, informing me that 35 Note 7 units worldwide had either caught on fire or exploded. What…? Oh no, I guess it was too good to be true, having a perfect, awesome phone. Instead of a great phone, my Note 7 was being accused of being the incredible exploding phone.

I continued to get emails, then texts, informing me that my phone was an explosive device and was putting me and everyone in my path in danger. I finally gave in and turned in my beloved Note 7 on September 15th for a Galaxy S7 Edge. What is so infuriating is that mere days after transferring everything over from the Note 7 to the S7 Edge, I got a text (on the new S7 Edge) that Samsung was issuing replacement Note 7’s in the coming weeks. Oh yes, gotta love Murphy’s Law.

I really like the S7 Edge. But I ADORED the Note 7. It was just like the perfect man. Perfect in every way. And perhaps just a little too hot! Even the replacement Note 7’s are still catching on fire:

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