I Don’t Know How I Feel About My Cell Phone


My cell phone and I have a relationship which could best be described as “it’s complicated”. At times my cell phone will play this little game in which it won’t allow a call to go through on my vehicle’s Bluetooth, upon which I will stubbornly try the call again and again, finally giving up after about five tries. Once I reach the person I was trying to call (NOT using my car’s Bluetooth), the person will say, “Why did you call me so many times?”. Thanks, phone, for making me look like an idiot.

Another game which my cell phone has been playing with me lately is that it won’t focus on an object I need a macro shot of. This makes taking pictures of documents to send to people rather useless, since they can’t read the print on the document at all. This issue has become so irritating that I finally broke down and called Square Trade to initiate the second warranty replacement in the two years in which I have had an HTC One. I actually squeaked in two days before my warranty was about to expire, so I guess that’s a good thing.

The day after I called Square Trade about the camera issue, I lost my cell phone. That bastard of a phone hid between the passenger’s seat and the door, and though I would normally be frantic over the loss of my beloved phone, a feeling of complete defeat washed over me. I rely on that phone, and realize how ridiculously important it is to me. When I couldn’t find my phone, I felt completely cut off from the world. Honestly, it’s just a phone. Actually, wait a minute. It’s a handheld computer, external brain, scheduler, calculator, GPS device, Kindle, music player, camera, pocket graphic designer, etc. No wonder we lose our minds when we misplace or damage our phones!

Now that I have a warranty replacement, the task of transferring all the data from my old phone to the replacement phone falls on me, and I need to do it quickly. It takes HOURS for my carrier to transfer the over 7,000 contacts I have on my phone (I know, seems a bit much, but that’s what I have on my phone). Contacts, apps, images, etc. all need to be transferred over, and it will take forever. For all the convenience which technology affords us, it also can be a major pain in the neck!

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