A Note To Cyber Creeps

Creep ModeThis is meant for all the men (and I use that term loosely) who seem to think nothing of hitting on women they see online. I am talking about guys who boldly send messages on social media commenting on how “hot” they think a woman is, and who are obviously looking for a casual hookup. I honestly believe that these creeps keep hitting on one woman after another in hopes that they will encounter someone with low self-esteem who is gullible enough to entertain the attention. Here are examples of recent communications I have received:

CREEP #1: 1. Hey, what kind of guys do u like? 2. Hey, why don’t u write back? Don’t have time for me? 3. U are a real tight ass, loosen your s*&% up babe

CREEP #2: 1. Hey u I saw your profile and u seem real nice and u are so f*&%^& sexy 2. Do u wanna be my online sex kitten? It will be fun and easy, u will love it!

Ladies know creeps
Hey creeps, here’s a news flash: NO female should have to put up with your come-ons. I am especially amazed that you have the balls to contact a career professional with a brain, an education, and a very full plate with a lame comment, and then get upset when the woman doesn’t fall all over you and spread her legs. You are DISGUSTING and clearly have too much time on your hands (actually, I know what is probably in your hands most of the time!). GET A LIFE. Quit preying on women, and shove your sociopathic behavior where the sun doesn’t shine. You are the kind of person that women need to protect themselves against.

LADIES, PLEASE don’t engage in conversations with these guys! BLOCK THEM. All they are looking for is a cheap thrill, and they have probably have burnt through all the women in their town and developed horrible reputations. What blows my mind is that there are celebrities who engage in this behavior, and will throw their celebrity status around like it is some kind of reward for the hapless female who is being preyed upon. These guys are downright dangerous and not worth your time. Don’t even bother trying to explain yourself if one of these douchebags tries to lay a guilt trip on you by insulting you when you don’t respond or if you tell them nicely to go away. There have been times when I have received messages which seemed benign, so I have responded with a “Thank you”, only to get blasted with manipulative, insulting comments which suddenly reveal the misogynistic personality of the guy who has tried to reel me in.

Ladies, RUN, don’t walk, away from these men!

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