Speedy Gal


I am a very fast walker by nature. I am not sure how I became that way because my mom is a very slow, methodical walker. In contrast, I will fly by people, zigzagging my way through a crowd at a rate that surprises others. My default speed is 3.5 miles per hour, and this is the case whether I am walking from my car to the gym, walking up to the bank teller, strolling through the grocery store, or walking along a sidewalk. What pumps my walk up even more is my energy and impatience. I am constantly moving, even tapping my feet when I am forced to sit in one spot for more than a couple of minutes. There have been occasions in which friends have told me to slow down, but when this happens, I have to make an effort to change the rate at which I walk.

Another thing I do rapidly is eat. I developed this bad habit during medical residency days when I had to adopt an eat-when-you-can, pee-when-you-can, sleep-when-you-can mentality. I became accustomed to shoveling food in my gullet, and the habit has persisted out of necessity. More often than not, I am usually in a major rush when I eat a meal, either because I need to get ready for work, I am at work with a patient waiting, or I am about to drive over to a meeting. Even when I have the opportunity to savor a meal, I still have a tendency to rush through the experience.

It seems incongruous for me to have such habits, because I typically conduct myself in a relatively calm manner. I never rush through projects or plans and always have a blueprint of what I intend to do. As a matter of fact, I hate being rushed when I am concentrating or trying to complete a task. But once a plan is in place, I am quick and efficient and work best that way. That same focus and energy goes into my workouts, when I keep moving from one exercise to another, barely resting. It fits my style, and my body enjoys the constant movement.

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