Your Mind Is A Bank…Invest Wisely

what-we-think-we-areThere is incredible energy and power in our thoughts, and we are truly only limited by the constraints that our minds create. However, we will often create roadblocks based on fear and doubt, thus sabotaging ourselves. Negative thoughts and emotions erode the spirit and propagate more negative energy.

Your mind is like a bank which holds thoughts as investments, and like an interest yielding savings plan, your investment will grow over time. If you deposit negative thoughts, more negativity will sprout, while an investment of positive thoughts and emotions will engender more positivity. If you find your thoughts veering towards the negative, try to reframe them in such a way that you create a positive environment. Here’s an example: Let’s say you are discouraged because you were passed over for a job promotion. An immediate reaction might be, “I’m not good enough”, but can be reframed into a thought like, “This was not the right opportunity. How can I best showcase my talents so that they are recognized?”

I am not saying that this is easy. In fact, it can be quite challenging to redirect negative thoughts, but this activity becomes easier with practice. When you find yourself getting upset about something, whether it is from circumstances beyond your control or from a disagreement with someone, take a few deep breaths and refrain from reacting while you breathe. Usually this breathing exercise is enough to instill a sense of calm and create some space between you and the situation. Many disagreements can be avoided by resisting the urge to react, sitting calmly with a thought or emotion and reframing it so that you can approach the situation from a neutral place. Of course this could mean doing a LOT of breathing when incredibly upsetting situations arise!


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