Guys Like Ladies With Hearty Appetites

Food and DrinkWith the exception of an incredibly stupid and weak period in my life when I was anorexic, I have always brought a hearty appetite to the dinner table. My dad used to brag about the fact that his slender daughter (ME) could go to an all-you-can-eat buffet and polish off 5 or 6 plates of food. Think of the sheer value of a young girl mowing down such massive quantities of food! That was one way I made my dad proud, perhaps even more so than when I got good grades or won some award.

I also recall a very amusing incident which occurred when I was hanging out with my very first boyfriend. I was 14 years old, 5’4″, 98 pounds, and could put away food like no one’s business. We went to a local hot dog stand and my boyfriend ordered four bratwurst dogs which he then brought to the car for us to to eat. He and I polished off two dogs each, then looked over at my boyfriend expectantly.

BF: “Are you okay?”
ME: “Yeah, but I’m still hungry.”
BF: “Me too. about if we get regular hot dogs?”
ME: “Sure.”
BF: “So, one for you?”
ME: “Two.”

My boyfriend gave me a concerned look but exited the car, returning several minutes later with four regular hot dogs. I wolfed two down while he did the same with the two remaining dogs.

BF: “I’m gonna get one more, be right back.”
ME: “I’m still hungry.”
BF: “Are you serious?”
ME: “Yep. Just one more.”

When my boyfriend returned to the stand to get the third round of hot dogs, the guy working the counter was so astonished that he had to see what enormous girl looked like who was demolishing so many hot dogs. The guy walked to the car, peered in, and was in a state of disbelief. I just sat there with my girl’s size 14 skinny white jeans, giggling over my gustatory feat.

That was a long time ago and I would never eat hot dogs now, but I have a very big appetite which I occasionally give in to when I can relax and have a fun meal. One of the rituals which my last ex-boyfriend and I would engage in was to split an extra large pepperoni pizza, then have Snickers Ice Cream Bars or slices of German chocolate cake with red velvet ice cream once we got home. I also seem to shock my friends with whom I venture out for a fun meal on occasion. They expect me to order a salad, but I usually go full guns and order a burger and fries, plus dessert, or I pound down a LOT of sushi and sashimi. I am not afraid of food and I make sure to enjoy the experience of eating food when I have some freedom with food choices.

My male friends have told me that they find a fit woman with a hearty appetite very sexy, and I can see why. Where’s the fun in taking a princess type out to a steakhouse, only to watch her timidly peruse a restaurant menu, then predictably order a salad? If I am at a restaurant that specializes in steak, you’d better believe I am ordering a steak! The same rationale applies if I am at a burger joint or pizza place and am planning to lift all dietary restrictions for that meal. Besides, eating a hearty meal every now and then, especially if you follow a calorie restricted contest prep plan, will help to rev up your metabolism.

Take home message? Dig in, ladies!

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