Facebook Is NOT A Dating Site

FBI am extremely tired of the random strangers who find it necessary to troll around women’s Facebook profiles, look up relationship status, assess degree of hotness, then send suggestive and annoying emails in an effort to snag a date. Since when was Facebook designated as a dating website? When I get an email from someone who clearly has no idea who I am but simply came across my profile image and thought I was hot, my defense mechanisms are triggered, and I will not even bother to reply to the majority of such communications. I also fail to see the point of flirting with someone on the other side of the globe. Is it THAT difficult to meet eligible partners in one’s own country? Also, how does one propose to meet the object of his desire if she resides thousands of miles away in another country? This is of course assuming that the lady is interested, which in my case is NEVER applicable.

I am well aware of the cyberstalking that occurs when a man is interested in a woman he encounters online. To be honest, it is rather creepy. In the past four years, I have been asked out online via Facebook far more than I have been in person, and have been harrassed by men who were desperate to date me, even when I was in a committed relationship and cohabiting with my man. Some men will not take no for an answer and will pester a woman to the point where she must employ the blocking feature simply to get rid of the guy. I have had men call me every name in the book, threatening and insulting me when I rejected their cyber advances.

Ladies, be hyper-vigilant with these men! Do NOT allow them to manipulate you. The blocking feature on Facebook is a valuable tool, so USE IT. Men, be respectful and understand that most women will not be receptive to a complete stranger asking her out on a date via a non-dating website. If a woman rejects your offer to take her out, bow out graciously. Don’t be a jerk and insult her simply because your ego is bruised. Such behavior is sociopathic and misogynistic.

Facebook is a great social media site, so don’t abuse it.

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