All American

Mixed RaceSince I am of mixed ethnicity I am accustomed to having people ask me what my blend is. The question which is usually asked is, “What is your nationality?”, when I know that the person is actually asking about my ethnicity. My nationality is American since I was born in the United States and am an American citizen. But my ethnicity is a blend of Asian and Caucasian. It REALLY irks me when people assume that the Caucasian portion is “American”. This is a gross generalization, inaccurate and incorrect. There are “Americans” who have no Caucasian blood whatsoever, and there are Caucasians who are not American, so why make such an assumption?

Allow my to clarify my background. My mother is full-blooded Japanese and was born and raised in Hawaii when it was a territory of the United States and not yet accepted as a state. My father was full-blooded Hungarian, from Hungary, and thus was NOT an American. Nevertheless, I will hear people say, “Oh, your mom is Japanese and your dad is American.” WRONG. I am a true Eurasian.

One thought on “All American

  1. I don’t know my ethnicity. It’s a big mixed up mash up of who knows what. However, I look “European” I told. (Dark hair, olive skin). That being said I am Canadian! So were my parents, grandparents and great grandparents. I don’t mind the question – only the odd looks when I explain. Keep smiling


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