Boot Crazy

Jeffrey Campbell Embellished Boot

I’ve loved boots as far back as I can remember, and eagerly anticipated obtaining my first pair, which finally happened at the age of 12 when my favorite cousin at the time gave me a pair of knee high boots for my birthday. They were made of buttery soft leather, were a warm camel in color, and they made me feel like the sassiest 12 year old on the planet. I managed to beat those boots up because I wore them so much.

Once I hit my 30’s, I developed a fixation on over the knee boots, but never ended up buying a pair until I was in my early 40’s. After I purchased my first pair of over the knee boots, I was hooked, but I also still enjoyed boots of any length. At this point in my life, I have eleven pairs of over the knee boots, seven of which are black, two of which are gray, and a red pair. The boots which I wear the most frequently are low heeled black suede over the knee boots, and I continue to be tempted to wear them even though they are finally starting to show signs of wear after four years of ownership.

Jeffrey Campbell Cattle Western Boot

This year, I realized that I hadn’t purchased any boots in four years, so I purchased a very distinctive pair of knee high boots, and shortly afterwards, I received a second pair of knee high boots as a gift. Both pairs of boots were designed by Jeffrey Campbell, are incredibly well made, and are very comfortable. Two pairs of new boots are enough to satisfy my boot cravings for a while.

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