When Pets Misbehave

Pet dogs and cats have a tendency to get into mischief. I have seen my cats firsthand poking their heads into cabinets, gnawing on plants, and stealing food, despite the fact that they know full well that they are not allowed to do so. My male Burmese is defiant enough to look at me a moment before knocking something off a shelf or biting one of the other cats on the head! Though I berate him immediately, I also chuckle, because the defiance is truly amusing to me.

My cats are very dog-like and intelligent, and they know when they are doing something they aren’t supposed to do. They also know that all I can do is either spray them with water, yell at them, or remove them from the area. However, most cats really don’t seem to respond to discipline or conditioning, and will repeat offending behaviors over and over again.

Here is a very popular video of a guilty cat:

Dogs, on the other hand, usually know when they are misbehaving, and will show remorse when they are reprimanded. There are a number of funny videos on YouTube which demonstrate this, so I will share a couple here for everyone’s enjoyment.

I will always get a kick out of animal antics, and am willing to put up with my cats challenging me, since their behaviors are rather benign. After all, it is pretty unusual to find a perfectly behaved pet!

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