How Men Misread Signals From Women

I am going to appeal to the female readers here and ask if any of you have ever discovered a man’s romantic or sexual interest in you completely by accident, and only through an awkward incident in which a man was forced to reveal his ulterior motives? Have you ever heard a man retort, “You’re lying…I can tell you’re into me”, after you made it very clear to him that you were NOT interested? If a woman is nice and friendly, such behavior can be misinterpreted by a red-blooded male to mean that she has the hots for him. Even if she is a bitch to him, he may still rationalize that she is interested and is simply playing hard to get. I always think of Lloyd (played by Jim Carey) in the film “Dumb And Dumber” and how clueless he is when Mary tells him there’s a one in a million chance of the two of them ending up together.

It almost seems pointless for a woman to try to establish a platonic relationship with most men, because the men invariably drift into fantasyland and convince themselves that the woman must somehow harbor romantic feelings, or at the very least, sexual desire for them. And it keeps happening over and over again. I also think that the more attractive a woman is, the more a man’s faulty rationalizations kick in because he is so dazzled by her hotness. The caveman brain is awakened by super hot women, and sadly, they must always deal with this primitive behavior in men.

Someone recently inquired about my relationship status on Facebook the other day. Let me pose this question: If I have not posted a relationship status, what makes anyone think that I am available or looking? Wouldn’t it make sense to assume that my relationship status is no one’s business and that you should not ask? It just feeds into that blind belief that men have that there is an open door. Granted, Facebook has added the asinine “ASK” button on relationship status if it is hidden. What if I don’t want to invite people to inquire? How about that, Facebook?

Speaking of Facebook, since when did that platform become an internet dating site? Even when I spent two years in a committed relationship and publicly posted it, I was hit on left and right by men who seemed to be patrolling the site, looking for hot women to hit on. I used to share such propositions with my boyfriend so that he was aware of the stupidity of many men out there.

Okay fellas, listen up. Please do NOT assume that a woman is into you simply because you are into her and can’t seem to control yourself. There are few things more irritating to a woman than a man making a fool out of himself, then wrongly accusing the woman of being into him when she has given ZERO indication that she has anything more than a platonic interest in him. I realize this will be a hard pill to swallow for men’s egos, but believe me, this advice is golden. If you ARE interested in a lady, let it be clearly known to her, and if she rejects you, don’t adopt a sophomoric defense mechanism and insult her or blame her. Just smile, be nice, and move on!


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