Rabbit Chinese Horoscope 2014 Astrology

Chinese Horoscope 2014 for Rabbit 2014 Chinese Horoscope foretells a tough year for you. However, your high energy level as well as intelligence will help you sail through it. 2014 Chinese Astrology has seen that overconfidence may put you down. You will go through a difficult time as professional life may overrule the personal life. You need to find a plan to create a balance between professional as well as personal life. In the times of trouble, friends will come to your rescue. 2014, the year of Horse seems favorable for financial matters. However, you need to stay extra cautious while making big investments. You may get a surprise in the form of ancestral property. If we talk about your expenditures, journeys may take over the major chunk of your pocket. However, you will realize that the travel was worth expending. As per Chinese Horoscope 2014, love life may face some hurdles. Along with some shifts, you will get ample of time to spend with each other; this will give you opportunities to keep things smooth. Singles may have to wait a little more. So, you are advised to keep your eyes wide open, radar on and wait for your soulmate to find you. Health may also keep you in strain. You are advised to take better care of yourself.

taken from http://www.mykundali.com/


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