Orphan Thanksgiving

For many years I have hosted what I refer to as Orphan Thanksgiving. I realize the nomenclature has a lonely connotation, but it is a wonderful event and I enjoy it thoroughly. I invite friends who don’t have a place to go for the holiday, usually because their relatives live far away. Though there is a considerable amount of food prep involved, I get a kick out of making each dish and roasting and carving the turkey. You might think that this desire to cook huge holiday meals and have people over is something that was handed down to me from my mother, but my mom never entertained guests in our home and did not cook. Her idea of cooking was to heat up Stouffer’s entrees or throw a piece of meat on the broiler, and when the holidays arrived, she made restaurant reservations instead of spending time in the kitchen. Somehow I had a natural affinity for cooking and baking, and I also quickly discovered how much I enjoyed hosting events.

Thanksgiving-Dinner-New-York-CityThis year I will continue the Orphan Thanksgiving tradition and make my secret recipe for stuffing, throw a turkey in the oven, make mashed potatoes and tempt my guests with homemade fudge, coconut brownies and vegan banana bread. Some selections are relatively clean, while others are fully decadent and challenge any contest prep meal plan. I fully believe in enjoying “normal” foods during the holidays, provided they are enjoyed in moderation. I feel the greatest comfort knowing that good friends will be in my home, celebrating life and enjoying good food.

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