What’s Up With L.A. Weather?

Oct weather

Los Angeles is known for its great weather, but those of us who have lived here for many years are well acquainted with the quirks and inconsistencies in the weather patterns. I was born and raised in L.A. and have lived here for the majority of my life, and know first-hand that there are a few cold nights during the winter in which the temperature drops to the upper 20’s Fahrenheit where I currently live. Generally speaking, though, those of us who live in Los Angeles are usually blessed with pretty nice weather most of the time. We often get sunny days with moderate temperatures, and the oppressive humidity which our East Coast beach fantasy counterpart, i.e. Florida, must deal with around this time of the year doesn’t hit us until August and September. No wonder people think we are spoiled with good weather in Los Angeles, because we are.

However, an odd pattern has emerged with the weather lately, in which one week will be blazing hot, reaching temperatures in the high-80’s to mid-90’s, only to be followed by overcast skies and much cooler weather (low to mid-60’s) and the threat of rain the following week. It has become next to impossible to determine how to dress for the day when such fluctuations assert themselves. As an example, last week was so hot that I wore tank tops the entire week, but this week I am bundled up in a warm sweater and leggings. According to the extended weather forecast, things will warm up again next week, with temperatures rising into the 80’s once more. I wouldn’t mind so much if the weather fluctuated from warm to a bit chilly, which would be appropriate for the spring months, but the summer heat has made its appearance far too often this season. Basically, we toggle back and forth on a weekly basis from spring weather to summer weather, and April showers seem to have largely eluded us. When the mercury drops and rain clouds hover over the southland, many of us hope for rain so that the state of California can find some relief from the severe drought it is in, but we just get the overcast skies and perhaps a light drizzle. It is such a tease!

West Coast All The Way

Christmas Lights Palm trees 5The older I get, the more I realize that I am very set in my native Californian roots. Perhaps it is because I have been spoiled with a lifetime of glorious weather, or perhaps it is due more to the cadence of the West Coast lifestyle, but I am a West Coast girl through and through. You can go on and on about how wonderful it is on the East Coast, or how diverse Texas (or fill in the blank with your state) is, but you you could never convince me to relocate from the left coast. California is incredibly diverse, so if I was inclined to travel to the snow or see another part of the state, I could easily jump in my car and take a road trip. However, I LOVE Southern California’s mild weather and am resistant to leaving it. I know that quite a few of you are convinced that harsh seasonal weather is preferable to a potential 80 degree Fahrenheit Christmas, but I will take the latter any day!

While those of you in colder climates may enjoy the hush of falling snow while you gather around the Christmas tree, I prefer looking out the window to see sunshine. The idea of bundling up heavily just to step outside seems utterly ludicrous to me. Now, before you start assuming that Los Angeles doesn’t get cold, I will tell you it can drop to the mid-20’s F at night where I live. Weather patterns can get pretty random over here, with high temps one week in the 80’s and the next in the 60’s. When the mercury drops below 40 degrees here, I find it extremely difficult to motivate myself to step outside unless absolutely necessary. I fully admit to being a cold weather wimp and cannot be convinced that there is any benefit to battling snow, ice and sub-zero temperatures. Sorry, but I am staying put in SoCal!