The Great Rolex Shortage of 2021


You might not know or care that there is a significant shortage of Rolex watches, but it’s true. Though Rolex is known as a rich person’s watch brand, it also manages to be the most recognized watchmaker worldwide. Rolex has no clear plans to address the shortage by increasing production either, so the demand for a Rolex timepiece will continue to seriously outpace the number available. This supply issue applies not only to brand new pieces, but is also affecting the pre-owned market in a big way. Part of the blame lies with the COVID lockdown situation, since the Rolex factory had been shut down for several months during the height of the pandemic, but there has also been a surge in luxury watch sales since then.

Let’s say you have your eye on a new Rolex GMT-Master II Oystersteel and Everose Gold. The MSRP is listed at $14,800. If you are unable to locate a brand new one, you might want to try a site such as Chrono24, which features pre-owned luxury timekeepers. The problem is that the price jumps up to a minimum of $22,495 for a preowned 2021 model, more than the MSRP for one never used. It seems quite backwards, but that gives you an idea of how well a Rolex piece holds and increases its value over time.

In summary, if you have been yearning to own a Rolex, be prepared to look high and low for one. You should also be prepared to purchase one as soon as it becomes available, because new models which are posted for sale on authorized dealer sites tend to sell within minutes.

Bleeding Money

flying money

Do you ever find yourself in a vicious cycle in which any influx of money leaves your hands almost immediately because a bunch of bills come at once, or unexpected expenses pile up? I have been going through a pretty consistent “money bleed” for the last few weeks, and it is extremely frustrating because I just cannot catch up. I take one step forward, only to take two steps back.It This has been happening when extra funds have come in, almost like clockwork. It’s just random and weird and it needs to end!

I am sure many of you can relate. Times are tough, and people continue to struggle to make ends meet. Salaries are not rising sufficiently to accommodate the rise of inflation, soaring credit card APR’s, and the mess that is the Obama Care Act. Sadly, many people are slowly trying to dig themselves out of financial holes, at times losing their ground and falling back. It’s enough to make one give up.

I have literally received payment in the mail for jobs I have completed, only to find 1,2 or more bills in the same stack of mail which equal or exceed the amount of the payment I received. Money in…money out! I have taken on more work to try to absorb expenses, only to find that such a tactic doesn’t work. It’s almost like I am meant to always scramble, that perhaps for the time being, that this is my karmic lesson. The strange thing is that I am NOT a spender, and I pretty much detest shopping. So it doesn’t make sense that the bottom always seems to drop out on me. I am a planner, a saver, and never gamble, qualities which I suppose have kept me afloat during especially rough times when others would have sunk.

The goal is to be one step ahead. I am determined to accomplish this, SOON!