I am listed as one of the special guests at the 2014 L.A. Fit Expo!

stacey_naito_guestHey now…this was a very pleasant surprise today! I am listed as one of the special guests at the 2014 L.A. Fit Expo under FITNESS ATHLETES/COMPETITIORS/MODELS! Such an honor! Please click on the link below to see my listing on the show website.

Many thanks to SWAT Fuel for featuring me! You are the BEST!


Please Check Out My Updated Bio And Pics On The SWAT Fuel Website!


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The Team Universe Spell Has Finally Been Broken

Team UEvery year the NPC Team Universe awards IFBB Pro Cards to a large group of deserving athletes, so it is an extremely enticing National level bodybuilding contest for competitors who qualify at that level. I was certainly enticed and ended up competing at Team U four years in a row, with this year’s showing culminating in attaining the IFBB Pro Status I had coveted for many years. But I will admit that I almost did not enter the contest this year as a result of a lackluster performance in the three previous years. I used to refer to the “Team U Curse” when discussing Team Universe as a result of some very odd and disconcerting coincidences. Thank goodness the spell was broken this year!

When I competed at Team U in 2010 I was not “on the map” with respect to competing at the national level and as a result I was hardly given a glance by the judges. I competed against one of my dear friends who ended up winning her Pro card that year. Then in 2011 I once again found myself competing against a dear friend and watched as she won her Pro card while I had a decent but less than stellar performance. Not easily deterred, I competed at Team U in 2012 and found myself once again competing against a dear friend who got her Pro card. I was thrilled for every one of my friends, but it was a bit distressing to feel like the bridesmaid but never the bride for three consecutive years. Added to this was my intense dislike of driving around south New Jersey, the threat of rain looming over my freshly applied spray tan, and numerous other stressors and mishaps. It is no surprise that I began to think that it wasn’t a good idea for me to ever compete again at Team U.

Then this year I just decided that I had to get up onstage in New Jersey despite the pattern which had defined the last three years. Thank goodness I did! In the weeks leading up to this year’s competition, I FELT different. I was no longer concerned about who was going to beat me in New Jersey. I focused on my training, kept my nose to the grindstone and trained harder than I ever have. When I flew to Newark, there were no flight delays or mishaps, and I didn’t get lost when I drove to the hotel. There were a couple of glitches during my trip, but they were minor, and I didn’t get rattled. When I was deciding on what suit to wear, the one I chose just GLOWED and I knew it was the winning suit. My tan, my conditioning, my makeup and my hair were just right, and it was truly as if the planets aligned.

I ended up taking two First Place finishes when I only needed one to win my Pro card, plus I took an Overall win.

Don’t EVER give up on your goals. You never know when the Universe will grant you that precious wish.