Do You Have Lower Back Pain? Check Out The VacuPractor



If you have lower back pain, you should check out the VacuPractor! The VacuPractor is a doctor-recommended and FDA registered device which relieves pain, decompresses vertebrae in the spine, and stretches the muscles naturally. It does so by utilizing an outward pull on the lower back, stretching the muscles in the area, and relieving pressure on disks and nerves. This device is easy and safe to use.

Use of the VacuPractor improves many lower back conditions, including the following:

low back pain
herniated discs
degenerated discs
compressed discs
back injuries
hip injuries
spinal stenosis

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Hand X Band For A Stronger Grip And Great Rehab For Tennis Elbow

If you think about all the grasping and gripping you do in your daily life, such as opening doors, driving, working out with weights, etc., it’s pretty obvious that you use the muscles which flex your fingers far more often than the ones which extend (or straighten out) the fingers. Over time, this results in overdevelopment of the finger flexors relative to the extensors. A new product called the Hand X Band enables you to selectively exercise the finger extensors, establishing muscular balance and increasing strength. These clever bands are inexpensive, durable, and effective.

The Hand X Band is great for athletes who want to balance their strength and muscular development, but it is also excellent for upper extremity rehab.

You can order direct from the site: