Living Room Makeover

Have you ever lived with the same furniture and decor for so long, you just need a change? I had the same living room sofa, throw pillows and area rug for 15 years, and was so tired of looking at the same color scheme and the same items, that I was itching to switch it up. Another compelling reason to redecorate was the fact that the living room I have had for the past 3-1/2 years is much smaller than two previous living rooms I had before, so the dark color story which I had selected made my living area feel very dark and cavelike, to the point where it just depressed me. It was also painfully obvious to me that when I moved into my current space three years ago, I had thrown the living room furniture into the space without any regard for design, flow or mood. At no point did I take any pride in that particular space. It took three years of me avoiding that one room in my house, only because the colors were too drab, before I became aware of how much it was affecting my mood.

Living room before
Living room after

Since I could not afford to replace the espresso leather sectional I have had since 2004, I decided to purchase a light colored rug, light colored blankets, and light colored pillows. By June of this year, I began searching for and purchasing new items for the space. I also sold the 8 foot tall artificial palm which was wedged in one corner of the room, and I got rid of the second ottoman which took up much needed space. When I chose the textiles for the living room makeover, I made sure to select soft, cozy fabrics, so that when people sat on the sofa, they would feel snug and comfortable.

What do you think of the redo?

Corner before
Corner after
Entertainment unit before
Entertainment unit after
Entertainment unit form above
Living room from above

Beautiful wool lotus rug is the centerpiece of the living room redo

Creativity Through Redecorating


I have always been a creative type, but as I have gotten older, the pragmatist in me has had a tendency to overshadow my creative side. As a result, I very rarely embark on creative projects these days, despite the fact that I always feel a pull towards anything creative, whether it be drawing, suit design, writing, or DIY home projects.

I am currently involved in a complete apartment reorganization and redecoration project which has enabled me to use my creative energy. It has been a challenge coming up with themes and color stories for the various rooms. Though the place is tiny, the to-do list is daunting because I need to maximize the use of limited space on a very small budget. These limitations make it impossible to buy new items of furniture, so I must instead repair and redecorate existing pieces which lack character. Paint, decals, stencils and fabric will be utilized in clever ways in order to add color and character to the space.


It has been a blast figuring out what my client loves in terms of color and design elements, and though her tastes are different from mine, I know that I will create a living space which she will be thrilled to come home to. Stay tuned for the transformation photos once everything is completed!