Nutty For Nut Butters

If I had to pick one class of food which is allowed in my kitchen but which is dangerous due to its calorie density, it would be all the nut butters which are safely sequestered in my cupboards. Though I do not enjoy shopping, I will stop dead in my tracks if I am in a grocery store and see a shelf of nut spreads, and will peruse the ingredient labels while imagining what flavor punch each one would yield. Thank goodness I do not have any nut allergies and can sample any type of nut butter that exists.

You may be wondering which nut butters are my favorites and have earned the right to sit on my kitchen shelves. I will start off by saying that basic peanut butter varieties usually will not make the cut, and are edged out by more exotic blends and different nuts. Without further ado, here is my list of favorites, in no particular order:

Dark Chocolate DreamsPeanut Butter & Co. Dark Chocolate Dreams – This is a mixture of dark chocolate and peanut butter and in my estimation is the most delectable of any dark or milk chocolate peanut butter I have every tried. I cannot live without this stuff! The following link has all the peanut butter varieties this company offers:

P28 White Chocolate Peanut Butter – This nut spread is so addicting that it should almost be illegal. The balance of sweet white chocolate with peanuts is fantastic, and you get the added bonus of whey protein which boosts the protein content to 14 grams per serving. I also love all the other P28 varieties, and the other varieties have earned places on my shelf, but this one is my favorite. Nut Spreads

Almond Butter – I like several different brands, including Trader Joe’s, Once Again, and MaraNatha.