My Mom’s Skin Cleansing Routine

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When I was a child, I was always intrigued by my mother’s unusual skin cleansing routine, because it sure didn’t look like anything I saw on television commercials. She was very consistent about her routine, and it paid off because she always had fantastic skin. I never found out how she came up with her regimen, and to this day I wonder who told her about the bizarre mask she would apply each week.

My mother would begin her weekly mask regimen by removing her makeup with Pond’s Cold Cream. Then she would walk to the kitchen, grab a small Pyrex bowl, and combine about 1/4 cup of whole milk with 1/4 of corn starch, then apply the bizarre mask to her face and allow it to do its magic for10 minutes. It was always somewhat disturbing to look over at my mom every single night and see her face covered in the blotchy white mask, which would impart a spooky look to her face. By the time the mask dried, it always looked like a cracked and dessicated desert floor. My mom would then remove the mask with warm water and a round natural sponge, apply Clinique Clarifying Lotion Face Toner 2, and then apply moisturizer.

Many years later, when I began working in medical aesthetics, I learned about how cornstarch could control oil production in the skin. Since my mom had oily skin, she fought a constant battle against her skin’s own tendency to overproduce oil. When searching the internet, I was able to find cornstarch and milk mask recipes, but they all had additional ingredients like mashed strawberries or honey. The thought of putting dairy on my skin isn’t appealing at all to me for one reason, which is that I don’t like the smell of milk, so I won’t be making this mask for my own use. If I ever decide to explore the skin benefits of cornstarch, I will use water instead.

Aspirin Masks For Oily Skin

Most of you have baby aspirin somewhere in your medicine cabinet but have not considered using it on your skin. If you have oily or acne-prone skin and are not allergic to salicylic acid, you can make a mask which will leave your skin soft and will also calm down acne eruptions. You can either use one teaspoon of water, or you can use lemon juice. Add 4 to 6 baby aspirin tablets or three 325-milligram asprin tablets. Make sure to AVOID coated (aka enteric) aspirin because it will NOT easily dissolve or crush. Next, add about a tablespoon of honey and mix.
This mixture is then applied to the skin in an even layer. If you prefer to get some exfoliation, you can rub it into the skin using a circular motion for a couple of minutes. Allow this mixture to sit on the skin for about ten to fifteen minutes, then rinse off and apply your regular moisturizer. Do not be alarmed if your skin tingles after removing the mask. You can safely apply this mask to your skin one to two times a week.

You can’t beat the economical price of this mask, and it is easy to mix and apply. Many people who suffer from excessively oily skin and acne breakouts swear by this miracle concoction, so it is worth a try if you have similar issues with your skin.