Mineral Oil Sensitivity

I was compelled to revisit this topic because I foolishly went against my better judgement and used a product which I happen to hate, with disastrous results. I hate Lubriderm products and think they are a scam due to the presence of mineral oil. Mineral oil is a very cheap filler which is used in skincare products and cosmetics. What many people don’t realize is that some individuals suffer from mineral oil sensitivity and truly cannot come into contact with it. Sadly, I am one of those people.

Lubriderm is touted as a “dermatologist tested” product, which basically doesn’t mean a thing. Apparently the dermatologists who tested this product weren’t aware of the fact that mineral oil can be a very reactive substance for a segment of the population. I for one have ALWAYS been reactive, though I could never understand as a child why I always broke out in itchy rashes within an hour of being exposed to baby oil. To this day, a high concentration of mineral oil will drive me into an itchy frenzy. This was the main reason why I hesitated when the idea of trying Lubriderm once again, but my stubbornness won out.

I used Lubriderm lotion for normal to dry skin for one week, and during that entire time, experienced itchy skin which only got worse at night, as well as a diffuse papular (raised) rash which covered my shoulders, arms, and thighs. On the last day in which I used the Lubriderm, I actually broke out into hives on my thighs!

As soon as I stopped using Lubriderm, the rash cleared up without any intervention. This was a clear sign that I was indeed still very sensitive to mineral oil, and that it was tragic that products could still be found which listed mineral oil among its top 5 ingredients.

PIt’s important to bear in mind that mineral oil is manufactured from crude oil, and as a result can cause pronounced reactions in people who are sensitive. Such reactions aren’t confined to skin rashes, but also include headaches Mineral-Oilor joint aches. Mineral oil can also disguise itself as petrolatum, paraffin, or propylene glycol.

lease please please be aware that mineral oil sensitivity is very real!

Mineral Oil Sensitivity

mineral oilMineral oil is a petroleum product which is used in many cosmetics (including foundations and face powder) as well as ointments to soothe allergic reactions. Ironically, mineral oil can incite allergic reactions which can be severe enough to send one to the emergency room. I always find it alarming how the oil typically used to moisturize babies’ skin is mineral oil, but since it is cheap and hypoallergenic, it continues to be used on infants who may develop reactions to it.

I was compelled to write about mineral oil after I had to use it on my midsection yesterday at a photo shoot. Despite a long history of severe reactions to mineral oil, I reluctantly applied the oil and just hoped that I would not react this time. By the time I got home from the photo shoot I was itchy EVERYWHERE, especially on my arms and legs where I had NOT applied oil. This was a deep, unrelenting itch, one that was not relieved by scratching, and I broke out in a rash on both arms. I was so uncomfortable that I took a shower to soothe my skin. Even with the shower I hardly slept last night because of the itching. I could have calmed the reaction down with Benadryl but did not want to be groggy so I opted not to take it.

Please be aware of mineral oil sensitivity and if you suspect that you might be susceptible, make sure to avoid any products that contain mineral oil. Women who have had regular skin reactions to foundations or face powders should be especially aware of this potential reaction. I NEVER recommend mineral oil to any of my patients and am especially against the use of mineral oil on babies.

As an alternative, you can use almond oil, olive oil, or sesame oil, unless you have allergies to any of those substances.