Incredible Doja Cat Schiaparelli Inspired Look By Holly Murray

I simply cannot get over how dazzling this makeup look turned out for UK based makeup artist Holly Murray, who was inspired by Doja Cat’s look which she donned at Schiaparelli’s Couture Spring-Summer 2023 show. While I am not a fan of the rather frightening effect of Doja Cat’s red body paint and 30,000 Swarovski crystals, I absolutely adore how Holly’s rendition turned out. She spent 27 hours affixing 13,000 Swarovski crystals on her face, head, neck, and decollette. It truly is breathtaking.

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DOJA CAT SCHIAPARELLI INSPIRED LOOK ✨ THIS TOOK 27 Hours! Guess how many rhinestones?!

♬ desperado x need to know II by altegomusic – ALTÉGO

DOJA CAT SCHIAPARELLI inspired look! Ok had to do one last video with this because it took 27 hours 😅 ib: @Doja Cat

♬ Get Into It (Yuh) – Doja Cat

Doja Cat Schiaparelli Inspired look Draft ✨ it took me 27 hours! ib: @Doja Cat

♬ Need to Know – Doja Cat

Removing 27 hours worth of makeup with liquid latex! 😱

♬ original sound – Holly Murray Makeup