Which Chrissy’s Socks Am I Wearing?

Thigh high boots are part of my signature style…so are thigh high socks!

My friends know that I am obsessed with thigh high boots, but they might not know how much I enjoy wearing different thigh high socks underneath my boots. There is a wild streak in me that gravitates towards fun designs like the ones that Chrissy’s Socks offers, and the best part is that it’s my way of having fun with my personal style. When I’m home, I really enjoy walking around the house in leggings and fun knee high or thigh high socks.

Can you guess which pair of Chrissy’s Socks I might be wearing here?

Which style of Chrissy’s Socks am I wearing here?

Here are the thigh high sock styles which Chrissy’s Socks offers:


A great pair of socks will stay in place, feel great against the skin, and with thigh high boots, help to keep the boots in place so that they don’t slouch or bunch up. Chrissy’s Socks deliver on all counts!

Check out all of their amazing styles by accessing this link:

No Olympia For Me This Year

Fun times from Olympia 2011 with Anca and Farinaz

For the past seven years, I have attended Olympia every year and have always enjoyed the whole experience. This year, however, I will not be attending since the main sports supplement company I work with, SWAT Fuel, will not have a presence there this time around. What is strange for me is that I am not bothered by the fact that I won’t be rubbing elbows with the fitness and bodybuilding icons I have come to know over the years. In some sense I am actually relieved that I will get a break this year, since I have been traveling more this year and could use a staycation.

For those of you who are wondering what event I will be at next, please come by and say hi at the Ferrigno Legacy on November 18th and 19th. I will be at the Flexpo, handing out samples of SWAT Fuel’s 9mm+P, which is a combination preworkout/endurance/thermogenic formula unlike anything else on the market!

For more information and tickets to the Ferrigno Legacy, please visit: https://www.ferrignolegacy.com/

Kick A Foot Or Leg Out

Many of you are already aware of the “one leg out” sleeping position, in which one leg is hooked over the covers, while the other leg remains nestled under them. This clever approach to cooling the body down during sleep actually has a scientific basis.
The body prepares for sleep by dropping its core temperature, and in the deepest stages of sleep, body temperature actually dips a couple of degrees below normal. This is part of the natural physiology of slumber. Even some of the pre-bedtime rituals which some people adopt, such as taking a warm bath or drinking a cup of hot herbal tea, cause the body temperature to cool rapidly, priming it for sleep.

When we uncover our feet but keep the rest of our bodies snug under the bedclothes, or we swing one leg over the covers, we enable the blood vessels of the feet to dissipate body heat and keep us cool, which further supports restful sleep. Besides, who enjoys sweating while trying to sleep?

Some scientists even recommend keeping feet uncovered while sleeping at night, especially if you are sleeping next to a partner or pets (those of you who have pets know that they often sleep ON you). Another tip is to keep your bedroom temperature between 60 and 68 degrees, so if you are in the habit of cranking up the heat to keep your home warm and cozy, you might want to drop the thermostat setting at night while you sleep.

Does Laser Hair Removal Really Work?

laser-hair-removal-side-effectsBack in 2003 when I was just beginning my educational foray into aesthetic medicine, I was encouraged to perform laser hair removal on myself. That way, I could witness the process firsthand and thus provide valuable information to my patients about the experience. I would inform the staff whenever I was ready to perform these treatments, then would sequester myself in the laser treatment room and conduct these treatments without any pre-procedure anesthesia.

I used an Nd:Yag laser back then which is generally less effective than a diode laser in treating hair follicles, but I only had access to that type of laser at that time. I treated my underarms, legs and tried to do my bikini line (more on that later). Did the procedure hurt? YES. It felt like red hot rubber band stings all over the areas treated, and some spots literally took my breath away. But I was so determined to get rid of the hair that I toughed it out.

The area in which I got the best results, and which generally yields the best results for patients in general, was the underarm region. To this day I have about 6 hair follicles on each underarm which produce hair, and the hair is so fine, wispy, pale in color and slow growing that I resort to plucking them out every 6 to 8 weeks. Talk about low maintenance! I also no longer have the shadow which hair growth in the underarms produces.

My legs were less responsive, mainly due to the fact that my skin was tan during the entire series. Ideal laser hair removal patients have dark hair and light skin, but this was certainly not the case with me. Even so, I had about an 80% reduction in the amount of active hair follicles.

Then there was my bikini line. It is difficult to perform an intensely painful treatment on oneself without wanting to discontinue such treatment, and this was certainly the case with me when I attempted to treat this area! As a result of my inability to tolerate self-treatment in the bikini line, I am now undergoing a new series of laser hair removal treatments in the bikini area, this time with a diode laser and someone else performing the procedures. I have had two treatments thus far and am already enjoying about a 30% reduction of active hair follicles.

For those of you who are considering laser hair removal, you can expect to undergo 4 to 8 treatments, spaced anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks apart depending on the laser used and the area treated. Each treatment tends to cause about a 15-20% reduction in the amount of hair, and the hair that regrows will grow more slowly over time. The endpoint usually yields about a 95% reduction in hair regrowth.

I think laser hair removal is a great option for just about everyone!