The Case Of The Constantly Updating Phone


I have had an HTC One for a couple of years now, and have received one warranty replacement during that time. My phone has behaved fairly reliably recently, but it has gone through several complete systems updates, the last two of which occurred within one week. When my phone completely updated on May 19th, most of my settings completely changed, so I spent a couple of days trying to adjust. Then on May 25th, my phone went through another complete update, and all my settings changed dramatically AGAIN! AAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH! Of course both of those updates apparently coincided with Mercury going retrograde, a planetary aspect which is notorious for messing up electronics.

I think I may go ballistic if my phone goes through another major update soon!

Has anyone else been experiencing numerous complete phone updates lately? I’m not talking about the software updates which come through regularly. I am referring to a complete system update and reboot which incapacitates the phone for about 15 minutes. During the last episode, I noticed that there were 386 updates made to my phone!