Fitting Into Your Skinny Jeans Is ALWAYS A Victory


I have a pair of M.E.K. denim jeans in size 24 which I wasn’t able to wear for about 3 years due to my booty and leg building workouts and a battle with water retention issues in my midsection. I came very close to getting rid of them, since I could only fit into my 25’s all this time. Then a few weeks ago, I put on my 25’s and they were hanging on me, so I decided to give the 24’s a try.

TA-DA, they fit!

Fitting into Skinny Jeans

I was pretty happy when I could pull the 24’s over my butt, and when I was able to button them up without tugging, jumping up and down, or lying on the floor, I was ecstatic. I know that my hips look very narrow in the pic I posted, but it’s truly just the angle of the image. My hips measure about 33 inches (they were 34 inches for all of 2015), but every part of me has shrunken down, gotten leaner and more compact. The fact that a pair of jeans which I thought would only take up space in my armoire finally fit again made me almost giddy. I don’t feel “too skinny”, and at 115 pounds, I know for a fact that’s not true. I no longer feel like I want to pack on a bunch of muscle to build up my quads and glutes. I would rather let the natural ectomorphic tendencies of my body to take over a bit now. Since my body is doing it without me trying, why fight it?

It’s such an extraordinary feeling when you fit into your “skinny” jeans, isn’t it?

Yes, I Really DO Eat Clean Year-Round

A couple of my fitness friends have recently noticed that I continue to eat clean, almost as if I was in prep for a contest. One of those friends IS in prep, so I guess she expected a stark contrast between what she has been consuming and what I eat on a regular basis. Basically, I continue to eat seven meals each day, and my protein intake these days is around 150-170 grams per day. I don’t pig out on forbidden foods, but I am not fanatical about eliminating all fat and carbs. On low carb days, I allow myself a bit of healthy fat, usually in the form of avocado, olive oil, or nuts. I have two high carb days, and I make sure that my weekly cheat meal falls on one of those days. Every once in a while (perhaps every three weeks) I may indulge in something like a nonfat mocha from Starbucks, a slice of gluten free zucchini bread, or a bowl of chicken pho.

Out of the 49 meals I eat each week, only ONE meal is a dirty cheat meal. Because I follow clean eating the majority of the time, I have been able to maintain a reasonable off-season weight. I compete at 117-119 pounds, and my weight has hovered between 119 and 122 pounds for quite a while now without even trying. I know I could always pack on more muscle, and my body fat is up a bit (around 15-16% right now), but I am happy with where I am at. My abs come out to play every now and then too, which is something I always welcome. They aren’t super chiseled and ripped, but I don’t need to walk around like that.