The Amazon Genie

Shopping isn’t what it used to be, thank goodness. As one who cannot stand the arduous process of shopping in brick and mortar stores, I am so thankful for the advent of online shopping. Within a few minutes, you can now purchase just about anything under the sun via your computer or phone, saving you the hassle of driving somewhere, battling crowds, and dealing with the frustration of traipsing from store to store in search of the item you desire.

I know there are people out there who get some sort of enjoyment out of visiting stores and browsing through merchandise, but for the rest of us, online shopping is truly a godsend. Online stores have also grown into megastores, with arguably the largest one being Amazon.

Amazon is like a magic genie which can grant just about any wish to a shopper. Did you say you want a gold glitter lamp? Ta-da! Your wish is granted:

Gold Gliiter Lamp

Or maybe you have your heart set on a pair of orange running shoes…here you go:

Orange Athletic Shoes

If you aren’t happy with the selections or the prices you see on Amazon, you can hop onto eBay, or do a Google search which will yield numerous options for you to select from. On the plus side, you can’t beat the convenience which comes with online shopping. On the minus side, a whole generation of people who expect instant gratification has sprouted up. The demand for more esoteric and bizarre items has increased as a result of the plethora of merchandise which is available out there. It’s a whole new age.

It’s All Just Stuff

Rummage sale items

This year I decided to embark on the biggest purge of my life, which involved going through all of my belongings to determine what I wanted to keep and what needed to go. I went through items in my garage which included items from my childhood which had held a certain amount of sentimental value, things I had bought in recent years that had not been used, and some of my mom’s collectibles which I held onto mainly out of guilt and obligation. Something took over me during this purge in which I decided to be rather ruthless in getting rid of items which were just taking up space. I began to truly understand that it really was just STUFF, and that my memories would not be destroyed if I got rid of some things. Based on this new way of thinking, I sold my guitars, vintage oil paintings, record albums, old toys, assorted appliances, clothing, jewelry, and bikinis. Over the past couple of months I also listed and sold many items on eBay, and as a result was able to recoup some of the money I had spent on items which I no longer had any use for. The entire experience has been incredibly liberating, like shedding old skin, and the feeling of being bogged down which I had been struggling with suddenly vanished.

I HIGHLY recommend doing a purge of stored items whenever you get a chance, not only because you can de-clutter your home effectively by doing so, but also because the process can be therapeutic. Sometimes letting go of something you have kept out of obligation or habit can allow you to move forward and grow.