These Desk Designs Are SO Cool!

Check out the five amazing desk designs which are featured on the blogsite in the link below:

I especially love the one-of-a-kind Han Solo in carbonite desk (not that I would actually want it for myself!) which Tom Spina designed for Star Wars collector Mark Hall. Evidently, this desk sold for $10,500, all of which was donated to charity.



The desk which I would love to have, especially when I am trying to focus on my writing, is the Armadillo Desk which is a prototype from designer Sophie Kirkpatrick. If she ever gets funding to produce this desk, I would probably buy one in a heartbeat! How’s this for shutting out the world when you need to concentrate?

Armadillo Desk

Client Apartment Transformation – Bedroom Area

My client’s space is small, a studio with about 700 square feet of living space. What complicated matters was the fact that her space was extremely disorganized, messy and in desperate need of cleaning. Unfortunately I don’t have true BEFORE images because I conducted the first phase cleanup before the client decided to hire me for phase two, and I wasn’t prepared to take photos during the first phase.

Bedroom Area BEFORE:

Bedroom immediately before overhaul

Bedroom Area AFTER:

Bedroom AFTER