What To Bring To Your First National Show Besides Your Physique

Originally published on mensphysique.com on Monday, 07 May 2012


So you competed in a national qualifier and got your qualification…fantastic! But now you may be wondering how to prepare for a national level show, what to pack, and generally what to expect at the national level. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen competitors who are newbies to the national circuit and have that deer in headlights look. They are completely stunned by the magnitude of a national show and intimidated by all the other nationally-qualified athletes who, for the most part, look amazing. Quite frequently these new competitors have no idea what to pack for a show outside of their local region and end up scurrying all over the place trying to procure the items they neglected to pack.

In light of this, here is a list of essential items to pack for a national level NPC/IFBB show, along with explanations. If you go to a national show fully prepared, you won’t have to deal with the stress of having forgotten something.

Board shorts (at LEAST two pairs, in case something happens to your main pair)
Dark towel (you don’t want to get tanning solution on the hotel towels because the hotel will charge you to replace them!)
Dark t-shirts (these make great pillowcases at the hotel)
Umbrella (you never know if it might rain)
Close-toed shoes
Driver’s license or other ID
Cash for incidentals, cab fare
Basic toiletry items (toothbrush and toothpaste, moisturizer, hair gel, deodorant, razor)
A good skin scrub – sugar scrubs are much gentler on the skin than salt scrubs. Make sure the container is leak-proof and place in a Ziploc bag for extra security. If this is being packed in a carry-on bag, make sure the container is 3 ounces or less.
Touch up foundation or bronzer for your face to match up with airbrush color on body
Baggy pants with NO elastic at waistband
Loose brushed cotton or flannel button-down long-sleeved shirt
Socks (your tanned feet will stain the sheets!)
Enough changes of casual clothes for the time that you will be at location
Nice outfit in case you feel inclined to go out to celebrate after finals
Diuretic (if your coach advises it)
Food – make sure to pack extra food. You can freeze your food then pop it in the microwave as you need it.
Safety pins
Moist wipes – travel pack size

If you map out your packing strategy you should be able to remember to pack all the essentials.

One Of My Client Transformations…Vegetarian Plan



This is what happens when you take someone who had great genetics but hasn’t pushed it to the next level, and kick it up many notches to get her stage ready! The pic on the left was from August of last year…my client prepped for a contest in early December, ut circumstances beyond her control prevented her from competing at that time. She regrouped, picked a contest in late May, and I designed a new 12 week prep program, this time incorporating a vegetarian plan.

If you have dietary restrictions, such as certain food allergies or a preference for vegetarian, vegan, pescetarian, no fish, etc., I can accommodate you. My plans are always customized to fit your needs. Please go to http://www.cutcurves.com to view packages and pricing.

Contest Friendly Bread?

Those of you who are well acquainted with contest prep are familiar with pulling down carbs and avoiding protein powder and artificial sweeteners during the week leading up to an event. For many of you, that week is characterized by Ziploc bags full of boiled chicken and asparagus. You may be having dreams about post-contest cheat meals and a big reunion with all the fun foods which were forbidden during your prep. But what about P28 Bread? Must you wait until after the contest to dive into a delicious P28 sandwich?
New P28 Bread label 2014
The general opinion is that wheat based carbohydrate sources and whey protein should be omitted from final week prep. However, I am not joking when I say that I ate a slice of P28 Bread every day during one final week prep, right up through the day I stepped onstage, and ended up taking a First Place national finish. As long as you do not experience belly bloat after eating P28 Bread, you should not have an issue with consuming it before hitting the stage. I will put out a disclaimer and say that you should check with your coach and follow whatever plan is in place, but if you are doing your own prep, you might want to consider incorporating P28 bread into that final week meal regimen.

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