About nine years ago, I encountered the amusing and rather irreverent music videos which characterized Rathergood.com. As soon as I saw punk rock kittens wailing on guitar and drums to The White Stripes “Fell In Love With A Girl”, I was a fan.


After watching this video several times, I came across another amusing group of musical kittens playing music on a beach. The song (“We Like The Music”, by John B) became the inspiration for the very first Rathergood.com musical kittens video, and many more were subsequently created.



If you are interested in seeing more ridiculous music videos featuring kittens, hamsters and dogs mixed in with characteristic British wit, then check out the classic archives:


In addition to amusing music videos, rathergood.com also offers some clever keyboard programs. If you want a good laugh when you’re at work (make sure the boss has no problems with a rash of obscenities), then you can check out Buffy’s Swearing Keyboard or the Swear-O-Tron. They offer fantastic ways to vent frustrations! (WARNING: Extreme obscenities)