Bohemian Vibes

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I love the fact that bohemian, or boho, culture has blossomed as much as it has over the past few years. Bohemian fashion is creative, ethnically diverse and eclectic, not to mention loose and comfortable, and the social undercurrent of people who subscribe to bohemian culture is similarly diverse. Boho chic has brought back the hippie culture which had emerged during the early to mid-1960’s. The influence of hippies became so ingrained in our culture by the mid-1970’s that longer hair and colorful clothing from other countries was accepted as a new norm. Then with the Reagan era, a new conservatism swept the globe which remained for many years. Only in the past several years has the boho trend asserted itself once again.

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Bohemian culture strives to break conventional norms, and to express a unique style. It appeals to artists, musicians, and anyone who is passionate about having essential freedom. Bohemians also strive to establish harmony with the environment, and often will participate in movements which are designed to save the planet. Think of events like Burning ManBurning ManBurning Man and Coachella, both of which capture the hippie free spirit vibe perfectly. Fashion-wise, the bohemian vibe allows people to mix and match different styles and colors on a whim to create a look which is truly unique.

So how do you put together a bohemian look? Just remember that a key feature of bohemian style is to mix textures, add accessories like jewelry, hats, or scarves, and to look and feel comfortable in whatever you choose to wear. Think of cozy fabrics like cotton, wool, denim, leather, and suede. Crochet and knit items, as well as some lace items, add a romantic flair and soften a look even further. Just make sure you don’t go overboard, or else you may end up looking like a thrift-store maven.

Boho chic tattoo design. Golden crescent moon and sun with elements of the mandala – astrology, alchemy and magic symbol.
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The Eyes Have It – A Brief Childhood Story

Eye collageFrom the time I was a little girl I have always been fascinated with eyes. I was mesmerized by the different colors of irises and fascinated with how eyelashes grew. I sort of think it’s a shame that I did not hold a fascination with my own eyes, because I inherited my maternal grandmother’s large, almond shaped eyes, complete with very dark brown irises and an epicanthic fold which serves as a small clue that I am of Japanese descent.

By the time I was three years old, I began drawing constantly and would lose all sense of time as I allowed my imagination and my more skilled left hand to create image after image on paper. My mother always encouraged me to express myself, and I never felt like I had to put a rein on my creativity. One day when I was four years old I was in my room and my mother was in the kitchen. She realized that I was very quiet and figured I had to be up to some mischief, so she crept quietly into my room. She found me sitting cross-legged in front of the wall in the far corner of the room, drawing a human eye on it. What she found more disconcerting was the fact that I had been working on my little masterpiece for a while and had managed to cover a poster-sized expanse of white wall with an assortment of eyes, some complete with eyelashes, pupils, and irises. Needless to say she was not pleased and I was punished for my creative foray into wall murals!