Kybella For Double Chins


Kybella (deoxycholic acid) is an exciting treatment from Allergan for reduction of excess fat under the chin. The treatment is performed in series, in an average of two to four treatment sessions. Results are permanent.

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Lash Envy

I love the look of lush eyelashes. Whenever I see someone who is blessed with a full, dark, thick fringe of lashes, I become quite envious, because although I have a head of hair which inspires envy in others, my lashes are skimpy and sparse. I was even more cursed when I was younger, because every time I would wear mascara, my lashes would fall out in clumps. Only in the last year or so have I been able to wear mascara regularly without my lashes jumping ship.

My Japanese heritage has asserted itself by making my lashes stick straight, yet oddly, I don’t have thick, glossy, dark lashes. The color is dark, but the hair shaft on my lashes is positively anorexic. Because of this, I need to do SOMETHING to beef up the appearance of my lashes. I have tried lash primers, mascara with fibers, professional lash extensions, and Latisse. Oh, and a lash curler is a MUST. I am hoping to find a long-term solution which works best for me, and I think the answer may be with Latisse.

I had tried Latisse a few years back, using it for about eight months, and I absolutely loved the results. Then I got lazy, and no longer wanted to continue applying the magical solution, so I stopped using it. My lashes quickly returned to their pathetic, wimpy state. Though I love the effects of Latisse, it is definitely not cheap, and I am reluctant to budget a lash booster into my regular pampering budget.

Before and After images of Latisse Treatment

Before and After images of Latisse Treatment

This year, I tried lash extensions, which I loved…for two weeks. After that short period of time, the extensions began to orient themselves in a haphazard pattern, splaying in all directions despite all the brushing I did to try to keep them in place. The extensions suddenly fell out in clumps, and in the process pulled out my natural lashes, leaving unsightly bald spots on my lash line. What a disaster. This wasn’t what I wanted! I also grew very tired of the fact that I could not rub my eyes (not like I do this, but just saying…), wear mascara, false lashes, or waterproof makeup. What was initially liberating became cumbersome. Once I saw that the extensions were pulling out my precious little lashes, I snapped. Now I have to deal with the agony of patchy lashes until my body grows out new lashes.

Before and After images of Lash Extensions

Before and After images of Lash Extensions

I guess it’s back to Latisse. Once the lash extensions are removed, I will continue to use Latisse, and I will also use RapidLash® Eyelash & Eyebrow Enhancing Serum. I mean business this time!

Allergan Spends $90 Million to Buy Company Developing “Topical Botox”

Botox topical

I am reposting an article from New Beauty here…the original post can be found at:

Liz Ritter , Executive Managing Editor | January 07, 2016

Still hot off the heels of its historic merger at the end of last year with Pfizer, Allergan announced today that it will purchase Anterios, Inc., a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that is developing what they refer to as “a next-generation delivery system and botulinum toxin–based prescription products.”

It all sounds very futuristic, but what makes this particularly interesting is that Allergan (which is best-known as being the maker of Botox) will now be in business with a company that has a “proprietary platform delivery technology that enables local, targeted delivery of neurotoxins through the skin without the need for injections.” In other words, something that sounds a lot like a topical type of Botox.

According to the official Allergan release, executive vice president David Nicholson said the acquisition “demonstrates our ability to apply our tremendous scientific leadership in neurotoxins to further extend our already deep neurotoxin pipeline by advancing a new delivery system and formulations that are appealing to both patients and physicians.”

“Allergan is once again showing their commitment to aesthetics by purchasing Anterios and acquiring the global rights to ANT–1207,” Montclair, NJ, dermatologist Jeanine B. Downie, MD, says. “The absolutely awesome potential of these two products is thrilling for patients that are looking for non-invasive approach is to treat their aesthetic and dermatologic conditions. An enhanced delivery system would be of great interest to physicians, as well as to the general public. I do believe these acquisitions will bring more people that are considering cosmetic procedures into their doctors’ offices for treatment.”