6 things to DO during CoronaVirus

Want to know how to survive the current global pandemic? Then read on!

The world has been isolated, stunned, more than we’ve seen, more than a jubilee, since WWII. This villain is different, this is a villain we can’t see, reason with, hear, and no nation in the world can build an army against. This is an epidemic that does not care about religion, race, creed, origin, or color.

Everyone has been touched, from the sanitation worker to neurosurgeons.


The silver lining?


For the first time in history, everyone is on the same level. This is an amazing chance to get ahead while the world is in the twilight zone. 

Fortunately, a big advantage between now and any previous plague is that we have the connection of the internet to learn, fuel, earn, communicate, and live.

Especially in Canada and the USA, NOW is when to get ready for when the world wakes up once again. Now is the time to learn and improve your skills.  It is the best way to protect yourself and your future. 

Remember, the world may be very very different post corona and the internet may become more of a mainstay, even for low tech companies. 


Do you like internet marketing? Learn  SEO, PPC, Email Marketing.


Are you attracted to content? Learn how to create engaging and impactful content.


Are you interested in art? Learn how to bring amazing creations to life, even digitally.


This is not an affiliated promotion (I just write articles) , there are tons of amazing training sites offering hand holding guides. Our favorite is Udemy.com,  a world renowned course site where you can learn everything from marketing to woodcrafts.   


Let’s be super clear: 




This is the time for action. 


Check it out: https://www.udemy.com/


You can also check out our digital marketing consulting opportunities here

So what will happen post virus?


Impossible to know, we don’t know the timeline, how depleted resources will be or what ongoing new laws will have to be taken on. 

However, people don’t change, you, your family, community, and the globe as a whole. 

85% of businesses are now in peril, and it’s not going to see improvement until the pandemic passes. The worse it gets, the more panicky the response will be as human survival instinct kicks in. 

This is why you need to be ready, educated, and ready to be at the top of the hiring list when its all over.  Now is the time to learn and start using those skills online for yourself or companies looking to work virtually for now. 

Key is to have a post virus, have an education, online experience, and business under your belt, your keys to success in turning this difficult time into a life changing opportunity.


Think positive!


“Ok, I’ll do it  – but I need money now too!”


Yes, this is why you gotta get online and start working as well. If there was no web, there would be chaos, BUT, fortunately we’re all just as connected as we were before (maybe a little more cabin fever). The funny quip in the business world is that “Now we can see how many of those meetings could have been emails after all”. 

Translating that, it means  that a significant percentage of jobs can be done from anywhere, and at the moment, the best option for millions.

So – to survive this, for your physical, spiritual health, and overall wellness, do the following:

  1. Update your Resume (especially with remote work)
  2. Apply to jobs on Monster.ca,  LinkedIn etc, and go freelance online, sites like https://www.upwork.com/ 
  3. Search in your local community groups
  4. Start a blog (like this one!)
  5. Creative? Try Etsy!

Everyone  has something to provide another, it’s the wonderment of the person, the miracle of the internet allows you to make yourself known. 


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Those Foster Farms Chickens!

I have always gotten a kick out of the Fosters Farms commercials, because the chickens on the commercials are hilarious! True to their previous track record, the folks at Fosters Farms have produced yet another funny commercial which is currently airing. What a brilliant advertising campaign! If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out here:

If I Scratch Your Back, Will You Scratch Mine?

The internet has made it incredibly easy for people and businesses to reach out to each other and cross-promote. But it also makes it easier for opportunistic people to use another person’s social media platform to boost exposure for their businesses. Though some people have been polite enough to write direct messages to me, asking if I would be willing to promote their businesses or causes, I find it rather off-putting when I don’t know the people at all. It is presumptuous to contact a personality or celebrity, throw in a compliment, then launch into, “Hey, please promote my business by sharing this link. Thanks!” with no offer of co-promotion. When was the last time you felt compelled to promote a business you knew nothing about, owned by someone who was a stranger to you, who had the balls to write to you and try to persuade you to post links all over YOUR timeline, with zero benefit for you?

Let me be very clear in stating that my social media platforms are MY platforms. If I choose to promote a business, it is because I know and respect the people who run it, and I know about their products and services. All those elements must be in place. I refuse to promote a business I know nothing about. It is not my responsibility as a fitness personality to offer free advertising for businesses that want to increase their exposure. If you notice my posts on social media, I promote businesses I have had experience with and usually have worked with, so I can vouch for the quality of what they provide or sell. I will never serve as a talking head for something I do not fully believe in.
Another thing I NEVER do is private message people asking them to promote my services. Yet I get such messages from complete strangers telling me how great their company is and how I should be nice and offer free advertising by sharing a link on my page. I would only consider such a thing if I am familiar with the company or I know and like the person who runs the company. If the person sweetens the pot by offering to cross-promote or bring me on as a compensated spokesperson, that’s even better. It’s not that I think I am all that, but please don’t expect me to be amenable to having people ride my coattails unless there is some sort of benefit. It goes both ways!